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Special mention goes to Emma Ferrante, who plays The Lady of the Lake, for her hilarious performance and stunning voice.

Justin Borrow Theatro Toronto
Emma is a versatile actor, crossing genres from classical and contemporary works to musical theatre. As a performer, she brings a strong mix of intellect and impulse to the process. Excelling in physical comedy, Emma is a risk-taker, who enjoys bringing big offers to the table; she approaches her work with authenticity, vulnerability and boldness.

Having studied at The University of Ottawa, Emma was exposed to text analysis, dramaturgy, and has a strong grasp of classical and contemporary works. During her time in Ottawa she often trained in physical theatre, such as Laban, clown and contact improvisation. Her interest in private vocal studies led her to completing a diploma in Musical Theatre Performance from St. Lawrence College. With the foundation gained in classical theatre studies, she excelled in musical theatre performance, expanding her vocal range, and learning fundamental dance styles such as Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again
Photo Credit: Shaun McPherson

Emma is constantly pulled to education, and continues to train privately through workshops and private coaching. Emma studies vocal technique under Marie Baron and accompanist Aaron Eyre, and relies on her sessions with several mentors across Ontario to continue sharpening her skills. Her long-term training dreams are to study under Philippe Gaulier and to complete a Masters in Directing.

Select credits include: Nana in For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again, and Josephine “Ma” Strong in Urinetown for The Stephenville Theatre Festival; The Lady of the Lake in Spamalot!, and Mrs. Corry/The Bird Woman in Mary Poppins for The Lower Ossington Theatre; Ms. Sherman in Fame for The Madinat Theatre in Dubai; Michaela in Don’t Blame the Bedouins performed at The Magnetic North Theatre Festival; as well as Ensemble in Yichud: Seclusion, a co-production between Convergance Theatre and Theatre Passe Muraille.


Photo Credit: Seanna Kennedy

The Lady of the Lake, Spamalot!

Interview with Broadway World – Lady of the Lake, Spamalot!

“The standout performer is Emma Ferrante as The Lady of the Lake (a new character, for the film fans). She has a phenomenal voice and is very amusing as a mystical guide turned would-be stage diva.”
– Heather Bellingham, Mooney on Theatre

“Emma Ferrante and Evan Dowling steal the show as the Lady of the Lake and Patsy. Ferrante is fabulous as the Lady of the Lake: a divine diva who is larger than life (think Cher with direction from John Waters). Her performance keeps your eyes peeled to her every moment she is on stage.”
– Max Gorokhovski, The Charlebois Post

“I loved Emma Ferrante as the Lady of the Lake and her bold, belting, showstopper, Whatever Happened to My Part, a lament that breaks the fourth wall as the actor wails about not having appeared since the first number. Ferrante has powerful chops and shows off a spectacular range when hitting the high notes in this number. She also effectively conspires with the audience to delight in the excessiveness of this diva’s over-the-top personality.”
– Lori Bosworth, Torontonicity

Windfall Jelly, Ottawa Fringe Festival

“The standout performer is Emma Ferrante as Ash, a teenager who babysits the children of the couple central to Windfall Jelly. She manages to find the comedy in her lines and feels like the only character we really know after a short 45 minutes.”
– Meaghan Flaherty, The New Ottawa Critics

The Sound of Music, Frau Schmidt/Sister Margaretta

“Emma Ferrante steals scenes just by being in the moment: her sobbing nun totally redeems the wedding scene and her Frau Schmidt is a moral centre in a world on the brink of horror.”
– Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

Sharnoozle!, Toronto Fringe Festival

“Ferrante’s Latara was my favourite character. She’s evil without being scary.”
– Sam Mooney, Mooney on Theatre